Permanent Tattoo Removal

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What sets human apart from other animals is, our ability to express ourselves through various mediums. Whether it is through our communications with each other in a social set-up or creatively through various art forms, humans are unique because of the ability to vividly express. One of the methods through which people speak their mind is by getting elaborate body art or tattoos.

Tattoos are a craze that most sane persons have gone insane over, in the last few years. From getting a tiny tattoo to getting their entire bodies covered people have taken their passion for tattoos to an entire different level. As much as tattoos appeal to those who get them, they come with their own set of problems. One of the biggest problems with a permanent tattoo is, well, it is permanent! Once you get it done, the deal is sealed. There are many people who get tattoos done only to regret them later. With the glitz and glam over tattoos fading, some people who dared to get inked later look for ways to turn back the time. If you belong to such a group, then availing a permanent tattoo removal treatment is the right thing to do.

How to get a permanent tattoo removed?

The most popular and the most effective way to get a tattoo removed is by Laser. Laser tattoo removal treatment utilizes a high intensity beam of laser which is directed on to the tattoo. This breaks down the pigments of the tattoo. How well a tattoo responds to the Laser tattoo removal treatment depends upon the size of the tattoo, type of the tattoo, age of the person and the age of the tattoo. Black color in the tattoo is the easiest to remove. The intensity of the Laser has to be adjusted according to different colors of the tattoo.

The best method for permanent tattoo removal is to go in for Q-switched laser removal. This procedure uses light beams to search for a contrast between original skin color and inked tone on the skin. It then breaks the ink into small particles that can be absorbed by the body.

Some facts about Laser tattoo removal treatment

Permanent tattoo removal procedure should only be performed by a qualified cosmetologist or dermatologist. It is a painful process however most patients are never completely sedated. Only localized numbing ointments may be given to ease the discomfort during laser tattoo removal treatment. Experience of permanent tattoo removal will differ for each and every person. How well the tattoo responds to laser tattoo removal treatment depends also on the depth of the tattoo pigments in the skin. Before you begin with the treatment, have a detailed consultation with your cosmetologist. One of the most important things to remember is that laser tattoo removal treatment does not completely remove the tattoo in one session. It requires several visits to the dermatologist or cosmetologist to remove the tattoo completely. However, you need to know that laws treatment for permanent tattoo removal works in a different manner on different patients. The removal is easier if the skin-ink contrast is greater or more pronounced.  Moreover, smaller the tattoo is in size, easier it is to be removed permanently. A laser tattoo removal procedure is broken into several sittings. In addition, the sittings need to have a gap of a month between each.  Therefore, patience is the key to completely removing that disastrous tattoo you are cribbing over!

Side effects of permanent tattoo removal

There are some side effects associated with laser tattoo removal yet it is considered to be one of the safer methods to remove a tattoo permanently. One very important thing to remember is that laser tattoo removal treatment lightens the tattoo to a very large extent but the tattoo does not completely vanish. The location from which the tattoo is removed may be left with a minor scar. Certain colors in some tattoos may not respond very well to the treatment. Two colors that react well to the treatment are black and blue. Sometimes after the tattoo removal the location of the tattoo may look paler as compared to the rest of the skin or the tattoo site may become darker. The tattoo location becomes vulnerable and prone to infection. It is very important to take care of the skin after each session. Sunscreen lotion should be applied on the treated area and it should be covered to protect it from infections. If possible consult a tattoo removal specialist for the treatment.

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