Patient Testimonials

  • I am an architect and my profession often involves me working outdoors. This means that my skin and I go through a lot of environmental stress factors like pollution, dirt, sweat etc. Within the first few months of starting my job I noticed that my skin had begun to change. But very conveniently, I chose to ignore it. As I progressively saw my skin developing dark pigmented patches I started to use cosmetics which claimed to cure this problem. Till this time, I was in denial that I need a skin specialist or a cosmetic dermatologist. Because of this delay, my skin developed severe case of hyperpigmentation. From having the best possible skin condition to reaching a stage where I could not even bear to look at my face, I had done enough damage. It was then I decided to visit the best skin specialist or dermatologist in Mumbai, India. My friend had read reviews about Dr. Rinky Kapoor and suggested that I should visit her at her clinic in Mumbai. Without wasting any more time, I straight away went to the top dermatologist in Mumbai and I am glad I did that! She told me about her honest review and opinion of my case. She told me what could be done to cure the condition and gave me some ointments and medicated lotions to apply on my affected parts of the face. I underwent treatment for around three months and within the first month itself I could see noticeable difference in my skin. Thank you Dr. Rinky Kapoor for restoring my skin back to its original condition. You indeed are the best and top of the cosmetic dermatologist in India without any doubt. There are a number of dermatologists in Mumbai who perform cosmetic surgery but none of them have the qualification and experience that matches with Dr. Rinky Kapoor. She is a surgery specialist and performs numerous surgeries annually. But her USP is that she does not put her patients through any unnecessary surgery. Being a specialist she completely knows where a surgery is required and where it is not. Her specialist approach towards surgery makes her truly the best dermatologist/ specialist in India. So if you read reviews about Dr. Kapoor be rest assured that those reviews are from her happy patients only!


  • I am an MBA student and very soon I will be attaining my post graduation degree from a prestigious Mumbai college. Long hours of studies and endless deadlines with projects and presentations made me top my entire class. Nut all this came at a price. Since I burned midnight oil and worked all day I developed unsightly under eye dark circles. Initially I thought that using the best under eye cream in the market would solve my problem and I will regain my looks. But even the top of the line creams did not have any effects. I tried the best home remedies and even searched the internet for the top trending under eye hacks. But everything proved to be futile. When everything else failed I knew that only a skin specialist could help me. So while I was on the lookout for the best cosmetic dermatologist/ skin specialist in Mumbai I came across a review about famous dermatologist Dr. Rinky Kapoor who is based in Mumbai and is a reputed dermatologist. As soon as I discussed my issue with Dr. Rinky Kapoor she told me all the possible treatment options which would be suitable for me. She gave me special topical creams and gave me some of the best possible tips for skin treatment. Dr. Rinky Kapoor also suggested laser treatment for my deep under eye circles which help in faster healing of my under eye skin. I was so elated with the results that I could not believe my eyes. Even the top quality and expensive creams could not help me. All the reviews that I read about Dr. Rinky Kapoor were all true and even though she is quite a famous cosmetic dermatologist she is a fantastic listener. She hears out the problems of her patients and that makes her the best in Mumbai, India. Her expertise is not only in non- surgical procedures but also in more complex surgery also. She is a dermatologist and has degrees from many reputed institutions from across India.