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We live in a superficial and materialistic world. Outward appearances are important for getting the right job, moving ahead in career, finding the right life partner, and generally feeling good about self. Pollution and sky- high levels of stress are accelerating ageing in men and women alike.  Most people today, suffer from many skin problems

Acne Laser Treatmentby Dr. Rinky Kapoor

Acne is a common problem faced by teenagers. Puberty is a time of hormonal surges and excessive production of androgens in the body can result in oily skin, which in turn serves as the breeding ground for Acne vulgaris. Although most of the times, incidence of acne reduces as teenage passes, some people continue to

Mesotherapy Hair Treatmentby Dr. Rinky Kapoor

Most forms of hair loss are caused by hormone imbalances, stressful lifestyle, lack of nutritious diet and reduced blood circulation in and around the hair follicle. Hair fall and thinning of hair is becoming so commonplace that people have come to accept the fact that cosmetic treatment of hair-loss is not a big deal anymore.

Non-Invasive Liposuction treatment by Dr. Rinky Kapoor

Liposuction is a surgical fat reduction mechanism which involves suctioning out of fat from the sub-cutaneous layer of body. For the morbidly obese, this treatment is very effective as it can even affect those areas which remain non-responsive to diet and exercise. However, going under the knife to get excess fat removed may not be

Dark Circle Treatment by Dr. Rinky Kapoor

Dark circles, also known as rings or shadows, are a common skin ailment that can develop due to a variety of reasons. With advancing age, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner and loses collagen. This enhances the appearance of blood vessels beneath the eyes and makes the area seem darker than it is if

Under eye dark circles treatment

Harsh sun exposure, tiring work lives and stress can take a heavy toll on our bodies. This stress reflects most in our facial skin and often can result in deep bags, and dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes give your face a sunken and tired look and can add several years

Best treatment for baldness in india

Our hair is our crowning glory. Every year, several thousands of men and women grapple with the distressing condition of hair loss, alopecia and male pattern baldness. Baldness is not only a concern among men; with the increase of hormonal disorders among women, women are also increasingly faced with the predicament of extensive hair loss

Face skin pigmentation treatment

Our face and its appearance are often preoccupying factors that all of us contend with and often obsess about. Any scars or blemishes on our face cause us an endless amount of grief and worry and we’re more likely than not to do everything possible to get rid of them. Hyperpigmentation or Melasma is a

Non-invasive liposuction

Being fit and shapely is a dream all of us have. Diets, exercise and calorie-control is high on all of our priorities but sometimes, try as hard as we may, we are unable to lose weight – as much as we would like, or as fast as we would like to. In such cases, liposuction

Cosmetic surgery hospital in India

We are all extremely conscious about our appearance. We always want to make sure we look our best and make the best possible impression on whomever we meet. People are going great lengths to look all the time. In the last few decades sales of skin products particularly anti-ageing products have risen hugely. People want

There is nothing more appealing and attractive than a flawless and perfect looking face. The natural glow on the face accompanied by symmetrical features is desired by everyone. But as much as a perfect face remains on everyone’s wish list, it is quite an elusive thing. It is not that people are not beautiful or good looking. But the environment that we live in mars our natural beauty to a very large extent. The lifestyle diseases and stress take a serious toll on our health and eventually our beauty. People have begun to age much faster than ever before. In addition to the stress and pollution there are some other scenarios as well which may cause a person to lose their natural good looks. Severe accidents, life- threatening diseases like cancer and congenital defects may also cause people to have asymmetrical features and other cosmetic problems. Not only, facial features and skin problems, people are often faced with hair problems as well. It is not very uncommon to hear people often complain about problems like hair fall, dandruff etc. though to some extent these problems are managed well with the help of OTV products but in extreme cases medical intervention may be required.

Fortunately, we live in a world, where such cosmetic problems have solutions. Today, in India, best skin treatment and best hair treatment both are available. Dr. Rinky Kapoor is one of the leading dermatologists and cosmetologists in India. She is currently based in Mumbai, India and is the head of The Esthetics Clinic. The Esthetics Clinic is a cosmetic hospital which provides treatment for all problems related to skin and hair. Dr. Rinky Kapoor has been performing various intensive and intricate cosmetic procedures for various skin problems and therefore has earned the reputation of the dermatologist in India. Her years of research and experimentation have led her to formulate and master the best treatment for hair and best treatment for skin. Whatever skin problem you are facing, Dr. Rinky Kapoor can provide the best solution for you. From problems such mild acne to severe skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema, you can be sure to get the best skin treatment by the best dermatologist in India, Dr. Rinky Kapoor. She also deals with various hair issues and the Esthetics clinic is equipped with the latest and modern facilities for all types of treatment for hair problems as well. From problems of excessive dandruff which may caused due to seborrhea to excessive hair fall which may be causing hair thinning leading to baldness.

So, you want the best dermatologist in India for the best skin treatment consult Dr. Rinky Kapoor at her super specialty cosmetic hospital, The Esthetic Clinic.