Best Dark Circle Treatment in Mumbai

While dark circles were mostly caused by aging, most people have realized it is now a concern for everyone, whether older, younger, male, or female. The one common symptom of dark circles is the appearance of dark and discolored patches under the eyes.

Just as they are all over the world, dark circles are a significant issue in India. They can be caused by a lot of different factors including lack of enough sleep, stress, poor lifestyle habit, and age. This can take a toll not only on the individual’s physical appearance but also confidence and self-esteem, hence affecting mental wellness too.  

Dr. Rinky Kapoor of The Esthetic Clinics is one of the best cosmetologists in Mumbai, who has helped patients with dark circles and other cosmetic concerns alike. Patients can easily book an appointment with her to determine the best treatment for their specific needs.

Causes of Dark Circle


Initially, a lot of people thought dark circles come with age. However, people have learned that there are various factors that can cause these conditions, as well as multiple ways to treat them. Some causes of dark circles are;

Genetics: Genetics is a factor that contributes a lot to a person’s life. This includes an individual’s physical appearance, character, personality, and even health. Genetic factors are hereditary, meaning they are passed down from the parents. It also plays a role in the development of dark circles. People with a family history of dark circles are more likely to develop them themselves.

Aging: This is one of the most common causes of dark circles. As we age, our skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner, making the blood vessels beneath the skin around the eyes visible. This may cause the appearance of dark circles.

Sleep deprivation: Experts recommend at least 7 hours of sleep every day for proper body functionality. Lack of sleep may dilate the blood vessels under the eyes, causing the appearance of dark circles and a tired look.

Allergies: People who have allergies may also be prone to dark circles. Some allergic reactions can cause inflammation, which may lead to the appearance of dark circles.

Dehydration: Not drinking enough water can cause a lot of health issues including dark circles. The skin becomes dry and dull, making dark circles more visible.

Sun exposure: Prolonged sun exposure causes more production of melanin. This results in hyperpigmentation and the appearance of dark circles.

Medical conditions: There are some medical conditions that cause the appearance of dark circles. Some of them include anemia and thyroid problems.

How to Prevent Dark Circle


Dark circle treatment clinics suggest different ways to prevent dark circles. In some cases, there is really nothing one can do to prevent the appearance of dark circles. However, in other cases, patients can try out these tips to keep dark circles away;

Get enough sleep: Sleep depreciation is one of the primary factors that cause the appearance of dark circles. There is really no standard amount of sleep that is considered enough sleep for everyone. However, getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night can help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Stay hydrated: Hydration is one of the key factors that keep the human body running and functioning properly. Dehydration can cause various health and cosmetic issues including the appearance of dark circles. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated can help prevent dark circles.

Eat a healthy diet: Just like water, eating a well-balanced, healthy meal is crucial for proper body functionality. A healthy diet can help prevent dark circles by providing the body with the necessary minerals and nutrients to maintain healthy skin. Make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.

Protect your skin: There are a lot of different ways an individual can take care of their skin. Staying away from the sun and using sunscreen can help prevent dark circles from appearing.

Use skincare products: Some ingredients that protect the skin from dark circles include vitamin C, retinol, and hyaluronic acid. If dark circles are a major concern, it is important to get some skin care products from licensed facilities like The Esthetic Clinics or look for products that are specifically designed to target dark circles. Always carefully follow the instructions and directions on how to apply these products.



Dark Circle Treatment


Dark circles treatments vary depending on various factors. Dr. Rinky Kapoor, a cosmetologist at The Esthetic Clinic can help determine the underlying problems and the best treatment for an individual’s personal concerns and needs.

Some cosmetic treatments that can be prescribed to reduce the appearance of dark circles are;

  • Eye creams

Eye creams that contain ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, retinol, and caffeine can help improve skin texture, reduce puffiness, and brighten the under-eye area. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help brighten and even out the skin tone, and boost the production of collagen to improve texture and elasticity. Vitamin K strengthens the blood vessels and the capillaries around the eyes.

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that can help improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost the production of collagen, and increase cell turnover to promote the growth of new skin. Caffeine acts as a natural vasoconstrictor, which can help reduce puffiness and swelling around the eyes and improve circulation to brighten the under-eye area.

All these benefits of these ingredients can help improve the texture, tone, and quality of the skin, hence reducing the appearance of dark circles. Make sure to choose an eye cream that is formulated specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes when shopping for one.

It is also advisable to pick products that are free from irritants and fragrances that can cause irritation, and patch test a small area of skin before using any new product to prevent the risk of an adverse reaction.

  • Chemical peels

Chemical peels can help different cosmetic issues including improving skin texture, reducing fine lines, and improving skin tone. They work by removing the outermost layer of skin to reveal the inner, fresher, smoother, and brighter skin.

How chemical peels work is that a doctor applies a solution to the skin that contains acids such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs), or trichloroacetic acid (TCA). The solution then dissolves the outermost skin layer, which is then peeled away, leaving the fresher, smoother skin beneath.

The best thing about this treatment is that an individual can speak with a dark circle treatment clinic and explain their concerns for a customized treatment to be planned. This may be so, depending on their skin types and specific problems.

The treatment can then be done at different depths, from superficial chemical peels, which are gentler and can be done more frequently to deep chemical peels, which are more intense and require a longer recovery time.

  • Fillers

Fillers are a popular cosmetic treatment that is used to plump up hollow areas, mostly on the face and neck. When done under the eyes, fillers can reduce the appearance of dark circles, and the overall appearance of the under-eye area.

There are different types of fillers that can be used but hyaluronic acid fillers are the most common. This is because they are a natural component of the skin and are well-tolerated by most people.

The procedure takes about only 30 minutes to complete, where the filler is injected into the under-eye area using a fine needle. Once the treatment starts taking effect, results can last up to 12 months.

It’s important for patients to know that they may experience some side effects with fillers such as bruising, swelling, and redness. There may also be a small risk of infection or allergic reaction. Fillers should be injected by a qualified and experienced cosmetic practitioner like Dr. Rinky Kapoor of The Esthetic Clinics to minimize the risk of complications.

  • Laser therapy

Laser therapy treatment can stimulate the production of collagen, which can improve skin firmness and texture, and reduce the appearance of dark circles. The treatment involves the use of high-intensity light energy, which can also be used to target pigmentation issues that can contribute to the appearance of dark circles.

The laser energy breaks up pigmentation in the skin, hence helping to even out skin tone and reduce dark circles.

Different lasers such as fractionated lasers and non-ablative lasers can be used for this purpose. These target small areas of the skin at a time and penetrate the skin without causing damage.


  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy

During PRP therapy, the doctor injects a patient’s own blood plasma into the under-eye area, to help stimulate collagen production and promote growth of new, fresh skin. The growth factors in the plasma can help promote cell growth and repair, which then leads to improved skin quality.

By stimulating collagen production and improving skin texture, PRP therapy can help improve the appearance of dark circles. Note that it may take a couple of weeks for the effects of the treatment to start showing.

Patients should also know that there are risks of complications and side effects such as bruising, swelling, redness, infection, and allergic reactions.

  • Surgery

In severe cases, surgery may be prescribed. Blepharoplasty (lower eyelid surgery) can help remove excess fat and skin from under the eyes, hence reducing the appearance of dark circles. This is a surgical procedure that is done to remove excess fat and skin from under the eyes.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision under the lower eyelid and removes the excess fat and skin, or repositions them to create a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia and takes about 1 to 2 weeks of recovery.

In cases where the appearance of dark circles is caused by excess fat, muscle, and skin, lower eyelid surgery can be the most effective option for reducing their appearance. Even so, it comes with risks of complications that patients should be aware of. These complications may include bleeding, infections, and scarring.

Patients can schedule an appointment with Dr. Rinky Kapoor of The Esthetic Clinics, a qualified cosmetologist who can assess and identify the root cause of the dark circles and prescribe the best treatment option.

Patients should also know that these treatments may not work for everyone and the results may vary. It’s best to consult with a qualified dermatologist or cosmetologist to determine which treatment is right for individual needs.

Other Common Remedies for Dark Circle


Besides the cosmetic treatments described above, patients can also try out these remedies;

Getting enough sleep: Lack of enough sleep is a contributing factor to the appearance of dark circles. Patients are advised to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Hydrate properly: Drinking plenty of water can help keep the skin hydrated and prevent dark circles caused by dehydration.

Use cold compresses: Patients can apply a chilled spoon, cucumber slices, or any other form of cold compress to help reduce puffiness and improve the appearance of dark circles.

Use a good eye cream: Eye creams that are made of caffeine, vitamin C, retinol, or hyaluronic acid can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and improve skin texture.

Use concealer: If there is urgency and the patient needs to cover up dark circles quickly, a concealer can help. Choose a color that matches the skin tone and apply it under the eyes, then blend it well.

Avoid rubbing eyes: Rubbing eyes can cause inflammation and worsen the appearance of dark circles. Patients are advised to try to avoid touching their eyes as much as possible.

Eat a healthy diet: Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains provides the body with the nutrients and minerals it needs to keep the skin as fresh and vibrant as possible, it can also help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

With that said, everyone has a different skin and these remedies may not work for some people. It may also take a little trial and error to find the remedies that work best for an individual’s skin. If the dark circles persist despite these remedies, consider consulting a qualified dermatologist or cosmetologist like Dr. Rinky Kapoor for further evaluation and treatment options.


Advantages of Dark Circle Treatment


Dark circle treatment can provide several advantages such as:

Improved appearance: This is probably one of the primary reasons most people go for dark circle treatments. Dark circles can make an individual look tired, older, and even sickly. The treatment helps restore the vibrancy of the eyes, hence improving the overall appearance of the face.

Boosted self-confidence: It is natural that our self-confidence skyrockets when we look and feel great. Treating dark circles can make one feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Reduced puffiness: Puffiness under the eyes makes one look deprived of sleep, tired, and sick, not to mention it can even cause vision obstruction. Many dark circle treatments can help reduce puffiness under the eyes, hence improving overall eye health.

Improved skin texture: Some dark circle treatments can also improve the texture of the skin under the eyes. This can help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, giving a more youthful appearance

Better eye health: Dark circles may be a symptom of underlying eye issues such as allergies and poor sleep habits. Treating them can help address these issues and improve overall eye health.


Disadvantages of Dark Circle Treatment


Every medical or cosmetic treatment that has a lot of advantages, like dark circle treatment, also has disadvantages, side effects, and the risk of complications. It all depends on the type of treatment and how invasive it is.

Dark circle treatments include topical creams, injectables, lasers, and surgery, some of which have higher risks of complications than others. Here are some of the most common ones:

Adverse reactions: Some people may experience side effects from the treatments, such as allergic reactions, redness, swelling, itching, and irritation.

Infection: Any procedure that involves breaking the skin carries a risk of infection. These can cause pain, redness, and swelling, and can get serious if left untreated.

Scarring: Treatments like surgeries and laser resurfacing can cause scarring or changes in skin texture. This may be more noticeable in people with darker skin tones.

Discoloration: In some cases, some patients, especially those with darker skin tones may experience discoloration.

Uneven results: While many treatments can reduce the appearance of dark circles, there is no guarantee of completely eliminating them. In some cases, the results may not be even or not turn out as expected.

Cost: Dark circle treatment cost depend on the treatment chosen. Some treatments may be expensive and not be covered by insurance.

Downtime: Some treatments may require downtime for recovery. This can impact a person’s daily activities and may require taking some time off work.


Dark Circle Treatment Cost in India


The cost of dark circle treatment in India varies depending on various factors such as:

Type of Treatment: There are different types of dark circle treatment each that comes with different costs. A patient that goes for fillers will not pay the same as a patient that does surgery. They all have different costs.

The severity of Dark Circles: If the dark circles are mild, a patient may require a less intensive treatment which can cost less than a more intensive treatment for severe dark circles.

Geographic Location: The cost of treatment can also vary depending on where different patients live. In some areas, the cost of living is higher, which can lead to higher prices for medical services, overall.

Clinic Reputation: The reputation of the clinic or the practitioner a patient chooses can affect the cost of their dark circle treatment. More experienced and reputable practitioners may charge more for their services.

Number of Treatments: Treatments that require multiple sessions to achieve optimal results will generally cost more than treatments that don’t.

Additional Fees: Additional fees like consultation fees, anesthesia fees, or facility fees can add up to the overall cost of the treatment.

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Best Dark Circle Treatment in Mumbai
Best Dark Circle Treatment in Mumbai