Mesotherapy Treatment for Hair Loss

Mesotherapy for hair loss or common baldness is a non-invasive procedure that is based upon superficial microinjections. This is done just beneath the epidermal layer, into the targeted tissues. The treatment helps in the stimulation of the mesoderm and this stimulation results in providing relief to a number of ailments. The solution doctors inject, comprises

Under Eye Dark Circles Treatments

Harsh sun exposure, tiring work lives and stress can take a heavy toll on our bodies. This stress reflects most in our facial skin and often can result in deep bags, and dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles under the eyes give your face a sunken and tired look and can add several years

Best Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments

The below blog is the continuation of the earlier blogs on “Top/Best 10 Dermatology Treatments”. To read more, visit the below links: Blog Part I Blog Part II 7. LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Unwanted hair on the face and body is one of the commonest problems and can be a question of distress for men and

Non-surgical Face Lift Using Skin Tightening Devices

As we age, the need to retain our youthful look accentuates. We try every possible night cream and magical serum to tighten our skin and keep it from sagging. Eventually some of us simply give up and some of us make the call of going under the knife to change the way things are. But

Open Pores & Ageing Skin – Correlation & Treatment

You may not know what open pores are. You may know them as ‘uneven skin’, ‘age spots’, ‘holes on the face’. These can also give rise to smile lines or nasolabial folds. As a Skin Specialist, we often come across patients who are looking for cure of open pores on their face. There is no

Skin Lightening & Skin Whitening Treatment – Should you get it?

Skin lightening, skin whitening, and skin bleaching is a process for lightening skin tone using chemical substances. This method provides even skin complexion by decreasing the melanin concentration. How is our skin colour determined? The amount of melanin determines the colour of the skin. Melanin is a type of skin pigment that is produced by the melanocytes. Individuals with dark

Best 10 Cosmetology Treatments in India

The below blog is the continuation of the earlier blog on “Top 10 Dermatology Treatments”. To read more, click here: 4. SKIN REJUVENATION & TIGHTENING:  ‘Fifty is the new thirty’ is now possible through cosmetic skin rejuvenation techniques. Skin disorders, sun damage, inherent ageing, heredity, pollution, stress, hormones, lifestyle diseases etc. can all result

Top 10 Dermatology Treatments

Skin being the largest organ of the body, it needs as much specialised care as any other organ of the body. Also, due to its association with beauty and as a mirror of the health and confidence of a person, its upkeep is attracting attention of pharma and consumers alike promoting the multimillion dollar cosmetic

Best Trichologist in Mumbai

Female Pattern Baldness – Diagnosis & the Best Treatments Female Pattern Baldness – Trichology Hair Solutions Most of us are aware of the condition called male pattern baldness, but when it comes to women, baldness is generally unheard off. Even hairloss is seen as a temporary situation and most women seek cosmetic solutions in the

Best Hair Oil for Growing Hair

Hair is one of the defining characteristics in humans. Women especially, are very particular when it comes to their hair. They will always go for the best hair oils and the best beauty treatments for their hair! Everyone in this world has a ‘bad hair day’. There are multiple hair problems such as hair thinning,