Restore lustre & volume to thinning hair with mesotherapy treatment for hair loss

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Mesotherapy for hair loss has a huge success rate compared to conventional treatments for hair thinning and loss. The chance of better results through mesotherapy is around 90 to 92% as against other treatment regimen which promise only half the success rate.  Mesotherapy treatment for hair loss centres on a three pronged approach to combating hair loss, namely:

  • Correcting hormonal imbalance in and around hair follicles
  • Adding the right level of nourishment and nutrients
  • Reducing the problem of poor blood circulation

Using these important methods for stimulating natural hair growth, mesotherapy for hair loss restores bounce and volume to hair that appears thin, dry and lustre-less.  Some of the benefits of mesotherapy are listed below.

#1 Non-Invasive Method

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive technique. It is associated with superficial microinjections, located below the epidermis to target problems. Hence the term mesotherapy has evolved, as the medical intervention specifically targets the mesoderm; the middle layer of the skin which is around 1 millimetre in depth. Mesotherapy is essential for stimulating the mesoderm which then restores the hair to its youthful vitality.

#2 Customised Solution

This solution can be tailored to meet the needs of each patient. Personalised treatment is the USP of this therapy which combines a range of minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids, vitamins and co-enzymes for catering to the needs of the individual. Used with a great deal of success globally, mesotherapy is now a leading therapy in India which is fairly advanced in terms of hair loss treatment. 

#3 Right Solution, Prompt Results

Expect quick solutions with this hair loss therapy that delivers the right blend of nutrients and vitamins to reach the hair follicle. The hair follicles, as a result of this, thrive and excessive dihydrotestosterone associated with thinning hair is eliminated. Blood circulation is further stimulated fostering healthy hair growth.

Mesotherapy: Evolving Therapy to Meet Growing Needs

It was in 1952 when Dr. Michel Pistor treated a cobbler for an asthma attack, that he discovered mesotherapy. The French Society of Mesotherapy was first founded about 12 years later. Popular throughout the Western world, some experts estimate it is practiced by 40,000 physicians worldwide. Employing both physical and chemical stimulation, it is an incredibly successful treatment.  Stimulating circulation through vasodilators or countering inflammation through organic silicon, mesotherapy aims to stimulate collagen, increase follicle size and stimulate hair growth by lowering inflammation and neutralizing excess DHT.

Active ingredients such as acetul tetrapeptide-3 stop hair loss and stimulae hair growth, modulating DHT and adding the extra cellular matrix besides anchoring proteins. Mesotherapy for hair loss may also use biochanin which contains phytonutrients to ensure vitality and volume of hair growth. Just a few sessions every week are all that is needed for the first few months. For better results, maintenance treatments are required once in two or three months at The Esthetic Clinics.  Through a dual action process, mesotherapy helps to turn back the years and bring your hair back to life.

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