How to Choose the Best Treatment for Hyperpigmentation?

The production of excessive melanin which leads to the formation of dark spots on the skin is called pigmentation. The different types of hyperpigmentation are age spots, liver spots, freckles, sun spots and pregnancy spots. There are many methods which help in overcoming the problem of hyperpigmentation. The most common parts of the skin where

All You Need To Know About the Acne Treatment in India

We all dream of a flawless skin, but alas, only a few choicest of the people have it. Others need to resort to treatments and regular skin and diet care in order to keep their facial skin shiny and glowing. If you are troubled with acne breakouts on your skin, options like laser acne treatments

Gift Yourself a New Body with Non-Surgical Liposuction in India

Being overweight does not necessarily stem from bad eating habits – sometimes it is hereditary. This does not mean that it can’t be cured and you can’t get a bikini body. Though exercise and diet watch are definitely irreplaceable, there are certain treatments available out there that can help you get fast-tracked towards your goal,

What are the causes and symptoms of psoriasis?

Psoriasis can be a tough condition to be dealing with. And while this is a health condition that is virtually incurable, any success in managing the symptoms requires active therapy and a lot of patience. People suffering from it usually face a lot of confusion owing to the many misconceptions and myths that are usually

Useful Tips to Find the Best Treatment for Vitiligo in India

Vitiligo is a skin condition that can affect just about any person, irrespective of their age, gender or ethnicity. Loss of melanocytes in the skin causes white patches to appear all over a patient’s body and increase their susceptibility to UV rays. The condition can also affect the eyes, hair and inside section of a

Cure Severe Hair Diseases – Consult The Best Trichologist in Mumbai

Hair issues are quite a common occurrence. Most people don’t even think twice before ignoring those untimely itches on the scalp or those lose strands of hair that end up in the drain every day.

Top 5 Benefits of Undergoing Skin Lightening Surgery

There are many reasons why a person might choose to undergo skin lightening surgery. It is a highly personal decision, often motivated by a need to maintain a positive body image.

Want supple skin? Seek anti-aging treatment in India

The desire to have healthy, glowing skin is common to all and women resort to buying products for skin care with or without professional recommendations. This is because of the need to appear good looking and fight aged looks that are giveaways in fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and age spots.

Mesotherapy for hair loss – The best way to promote hair growth

Hormones enter a stage of imbalance with ageing, contributing to increased loss of hair, over and above the typically accepted loss of around seventy strands of hair loss daily. Choose a good trichologist for mesotherapy hair treatment and fight hair loss.

Learn the in depth procedure for treatment of melasma on the face

This relatively common skin problem manifests with brown, tan or blue –gray dark spots on the face. Individuals tend to get dark patches on their forehead, cheeks, and Nose Bridge. Melasma is very common among pregnant women and sometimes referred to as “the mask of maternity”. Melasma can be characterized by epidermal, dermal, or a