Acne Vulgaris (Pimples) & Acne Scars – Causes, Treatment, Remedies, Solutions

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best acne scar / vulgaris treatment in india

Acne Vulgaris Treatment

What are the probable causes of Acne Vulgaris (Pimples), Acne Scars?  

1) Acne can be manifested in forms such as tiny bumps on the skin of the face, upper body, back, hands, legs, buttocks and the head, which may be black termed as blackheads, white bumps that are known as whiteheads, red or red colored, pus filled, or huge, firm nodules. Whenever they heal, they leave dark pigmented areas and often pit like acne scars on the skin which can badly deform the way the skin appears.

2) Most likely, children in their teens suffer from this pimple problem, though it can still show up till the late twenties and thirties. They can appear during pregnancy, out of nowhere and refuse to go thereafter. Some people may start suffering from these after they have crossed 40s. Women may start getting these around menopause.

3) Predisposing factors for acne.
Acne Vulgaris is generally associated with modifications in hormones or hormonal imbalance, which in turn impacts the skin in teenage. Heredity, maternity, polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), some medications, hormonal disturbances etc. may cause acne. Additionally acne causing bacteria in the skin may also be responsible in causing acne. It is said that food also plays some role in causing acne, but there is no concrete evidence for the same. If you feel any of the foods that you are consuming is increasing your pimple problem, the best way is to avoid consuming such food items.

It is advised that a Cosmetic Dermatologist or a Skin Specialist examines your skin and evaluates your skin type, particularly for serious and persistent pimples, to treat the underlying cause if any and avoid pigmentation and scarring. Your skin doctor may prescribe creams, pills or face washes as a part of treatment. Scars and skin pigmentation need to be treated with microdermabrasion, chemical peels, derma rollers etc. based on the severity of the condition, using the fractional laser technology which being the latest, is available at some of the centres.

Best acne treatment in India:-

People, who suffer from the problem of extreme acne vulgaris, often end up employing desperate measures to get rid of the acne and scarring. To make the matters worse, a lot of cosmetic companies market various product which claim to cure the problem of acne vulgaris. Though mild cases of acne can be managed well with topical medicated products and even cosmetics, the truth is severe cases of acne vulgaris require the best acne treatment which can be only provided by dermatologic intervention. Even dermatologists, who provide best acne treatment in India, prescribe topical medication but this medication is specially formulated to be used in conjunction with other procedures to effectively treat acne vulgaris and the residual scars.

Best treatment for acne vulgaris should include treatment for not only the acne and pimples, but for the residual scars as well which may cause the skin to become uneven and pitted. So the treatment for only acne vulgaris is incomplete unless it is followed up by the treatment for the scarring and the overall appearance of the face.

What are the best treatment options for acne vulgaris?

  • Microdermabrasionwhich is also known as skin polishing, is great for extremely moderate pimple scars and can be done with diamond crystals or powder crystals. It calls for numerous sessions. Recently, advanced microdermabrasion used by serum infusion (Hydrafacial) is available at some of the centres.
  • Chemical peelscan be helpful to treat moderate acne scars and post acne pigmentation. They need numerous sessions of therapy. A broad range of peels are available such as glycolic, salicylic, TCA, retinoid, lactic, combination, arginine, blue peel, yellowish peel, green peel etc.
  • Derma rollers are tiny hand held devices with really fine needles connected to them, which stimulate collagen development whenever used over the skin. This treatment requires numerous sessions and can be utilized for mild to moderate to huge pimples scars.
  • Fractional Lasers are available in 2 kinds: – ablative and non – ablative. Some studies in the western parts of the globe reveal better outcomes using the ablative variety. Nevertheless, there are not many studies that are carried out on the differentiation between the two on Indian skin. Though, I do agree with the world literature. The ablative variety features 2 types – the Fractional Carbon dioxide Laser (CO2 laser) and the Fractional Erbium YAG Laser. With respect to laser therapy for acne scars, the Carbon Dioxide Laser (CO2 laser) may be utilized for much deeper acne scars and the Erbium YAG Laser for shallower acne scars. Both the carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) as well as the Erbium YAG lasers needs numerous sessions, particularly the Erbium YAG laser. Fair skin tones as compared to the darker Indian skin kinds do pose a risk of hyperpigmentation post laser treatment. Thus, practitioner’s knowledge with lasers, correct patient selection and proper skin care post laser treatment are the secret behind acquiring desired outcomes. Though, when scarring is moderate to severe, the outcomes cannot be 100%, but they can be gratifying and enhance your skin to a great level.
  • It’s much better to seek an Best DermatologistLaser Skin Expert‘s advice and have your skin treated in time, instead of attempting your very own or peer recommended treatments and then seek opinion when the damage has already been done. Every individual’s skin is different and calls for a personalized treatment.

Acne vulgaris may also be caused due to some bad habits which we all possess and continue to keep them without realizing the damage these habits do to our skin. One of the worst habits which may trigger and worsen the problem of acne vulgaris is not keeping the skin adequately clean. Now, often people who suffer from oily or greasy skin end up assuming that more they will wash their face the better it will be. However this could not be farther from the truth. Washing face for more than 2- 3 times in a day leads our oil glands to be get over- activated which leads to over- production of sebum which eventually causes the skin to become even greasier. Therefore the removal of oil from the face and over production of oil on the face becomes a vicious cycle. People suffering from acne vulgaris who want the best acne treatment in India are advised to wash their face with an oil- free cleanser twice in a day.

Many people believe in oiling their hair and keeping the oil overnight for extra conditioning of hair. Though oiling is good for hair it can wreak havoc for acne vulgaris. In summary, oiling is NOT good for hair! In fact, it causes dandruff and seborrhoea which in turn may worsen acne vulgaris. Oiling your hair 30-45 minutes prior to washing your hair is a good practice. Keeping your hair oiled overnight is just NOT advisable as it does nothing more than just making your scalp and skin over greasy and causing even more break outs. 

In the field of best treatment of acne vulgaris and acne scars, Dr. Rinky Kapoor has carved a niche for herself. She is one the best dermatologists in the country who provide holistic and best treatment for acne vulgaris and acne scar treatment in India. Acne vulgaris and acne scars can dent a person’s self- confidence and self- esteem therefore management of acne vulgaris along with the scars is equally important. Dr. Rinky Kapoor , to her credit, has a long list of patients whose lives were completely changed, thanks to her years of experience and wisdom. Your search will end for the best ace treatment in India with Dr. Rinky Kapoor.

See Our Patient’s Acne treatment Before After Photos

Dr. Rinky Kapoor is a top/ best dermatologistcosmetic dermatologistlaser skin expert doctor, currently based in Mumbai, India. She has won many awards as the Best Dermatologist in India, Top 10 Skin Doctor in India, etc. She specializes in all skin diseases & conditions and given her training as a dermato-surgeon, provides non- surgical liposuction surgery, laser lipo & lipoplasty etc. for weight reduction & cellulite reduction. Dr. Rinky Kapoor is trained at the iconic National Skin Centre, Singapore and completed her Fellowship in Cosmetic Dermatology & Lasers at the world renowned Stanford University, USA.


What one should know about the acne scars and the treatment?

There are various effective and efficient treatments available for the acne scar treatment in India. The Esthetic Clinics offers the best treatment for acne vulgaris without any hassle. There are various types of acne and not taking proper care of the acne can cause the scar to occur. The acne scars treatment is offered by Dr. Rinky Kapoor at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai. They have the best equipment to offer the acne scars treatment.

Why does acne scar occur?

Acne scar can occur because of the direct trauma that can occur to the skin due to the acne, for which there are acne scars treatment. This is same with acne vulgaris. Many people have got the habit of pricking the acne which can traumatize the acne, whether it is big or small sized. The acne scar can occur on face and body, along with acne vulgaris. However, this should not be confused with hyperpigmentation. There is best and effective acne scars treatment available.

Which acne will cause scarring?

All types of acne, such as: acne vulgaris will cause scarring if the skin with the acne is traumatized. All these have got best treatment available. However, there are some acne scars, that are prone to leave scarring than the other types of acnes.

There are various reasons why one can get the acne scars and these are:

  • Genetics: the family members who are more prone to the acne scars can lead to an increased rate of acne scars.
  • Not opting for treatment of the acne can result in the scars and early treatment will lead to the prevention of the acne to grow big or get traumatized to lead to the formation of the scar.
  • Pricking and touching of the acne will traumatize the acne and this can form acne scar. This will also increase the healing time.

There are various best treatment options available for treating the acne scars, along with acne vulgaris. One of the best treatment methods is carbon dioxide laser resurfacing for acne vulgaris. This is the best effective method of treating the acne vulgaris and over 6000 successful cases have been treated by Dr. Rinky Kapoor at The Esthetic Clinics, with this best acne scar treatment.

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