6 medical uses of Botox™ (non-cosmetic)

Today, the word Botox has come to be associated with ideas of vanity and affluence. “Only the celebs get Botox,” say some; while others are more than happy to dole out half-baked information about how Botox is a toxin and how injecting into the body can kill you. One can say that everyone today seems to have an opinion about the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. Dr Debraj Shome, award-winning plastic surgeon and founder of The Esthetic Clinics can’t help but laugh at these scaremongering folks who liken Botox to lethal poison.

“Any drug if taken in a large quantity can kill you,” says Dr Shome emphatically. He says that everyone’s favourite “safe” go-to drug, Paracetamol isn’t any different. According to the surgeon, the therapeutic index of paracetamol is 20: 1. “This means that one Paracetamol can suppress your fever, but 20 of those could destroy your liver and kill you,” says Dr Shome. What about Botox? It has a therapeutic index of 100:1; which means it is safer than most of your over-the-counter medication. What’s more? Botox was not always used for cosmetic procedures. It was originally intended for therapeutic, medical purposes! Dr Shome lists down 6 of those conditions that Botox can take care of.

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