Mesotherapy for hair loss – The best way to promote hair growth

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Hormones enter a stage of imbalance with ageing, contributing to increased loss of hair, over and above the typically accepted loss of around seventy strands of hair loss daily. Choose a good trichologist for mesotherapy hair treatment and fight hair loss.

How mesotherapy for hair loss is a good treatment option

Typically used to treat hair loss conditions like thinning of hair, pattern baldness and hair loss in patches, Mesotherapy is a good treatment option through micro injections in the targeted tissue under the epidermis.

Microinjections in mesotherapy hair treatment

Mesotherapy hair treatment injections include a combination of minerals, growth factors; active ingredients, amino acids and co-enzymes that actively stimulate the regrowth of hair.  These injections are typically decided based on individual requirements or condition of the recipient. This treatment stimulates the mesoderm layer of the skin in such a manner so as to control hair loss. 

The contents of the injections stimulate blood circulation and this helps to prevent hair loss. As a result of this, hair follicles grow stronger. Mesotherapy hair treatment is a combination of mechanical and chemical stimulation of hair follicles. After follicles re-enter hair growth in the anagen phase, stronger hair follicles are witnessed.

Mesotherapy for hair loss is considered largely successful because the active ingredients are delivered directly to the scalp, in the particular area that needs treatment. This direct delivery is certainly a lot more effective than other methods where the ingredients are most likely to lose part of their effect during movement to the scalp from other locations.  

Accepted as a pain-free and relatively safe procedure in the hands of an experienced trichologist, the treatment is administered on an outpatient basis.  It is possible to undergo the procedure during a small break in routine, with treatment times ranging from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the area that needs treatment. Around ten sessions spread over six months are typically required for the procedure. Bear in mind to check out the reputation of the centres and the trichologist before opting for this treatment. 

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