Find the right cure for psoriasis in India- Visit Dr. Rinky Kapoor

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Psoriasis is amedical condition that wreaks the epidermal layer and is one of the chronic skin diseasesthat affects a significant percentage of the population. Psoriasis is one of the long-lasting skin disease generally characterized by white scaling and red patches with inflammation of varying sizes developed on the skin. Here is a look at some of the treatment options offered by Dr.Rinky Kapoor, one of the most acclaimed dermatologists in mumbai.

Overview of objectives of psoriasis treatment in India

Psoriasis treatment in India involves one of many forms such as topical ointment, phototherapy, steroidal injections and lasers. Treatment for psoriasis in India is generally aimed at bringing down the inflammation and to cure the visible symptoms of the condition. 

Cure for psoriasis in India through phototherapy

When the symptoms do not subside through medicines, the specialist may suggest undergoing a specialized phototherapy such as UV light and PUVA. (Psoralen Ultra-Violet A) is the combination of ultraviolet A session with a drug named Psoralen. This phototherapy session makes your skin more sensitive to light that facilitates a cure for psoriasis swiftly. 

Treatment of psoriasis in India through topical medications

Applying topical agents such as corticosteroids can bring down the skin inflammation and itching. Coal-tar comprises of a complex mixture of various substances extracted from coal during carbonization process. Coal tar is available in different formulas like shampoo, bath oil, cream & gel, and ointment which reduces itching and reduces generation of excess skin cells.

Systemic drugs for moderate to severe case

When the impact of Psoriasis ranges from moderate to severe,the specialist may put you on systemic drugs. These systemic drugs such as methotrexatic and cyclosporine can be taken orally or intravenously. Systemic drugs manage the affected immune system and bring down skin cell growth.

Excimer Lasers for quicker results

Excimer Lasers can be used to cure psoriasis on smaller areas such as elbow knee and is also advisable for stubborn plaques of psoriasis.    Reputed and highly experienced dermatologists and specialists such as Dr.Rinky Kapoor offer the best treatment for psoriasis at The Esthetic Clinics.  With extensive experience and success in the treatment of psoriasis, Dr.Rinky Kapoor is best equipped to treat patients with a greater degree of success.

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