Face skin pigmentation treatment

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Our face and its appearance are often preoccupying factors that all of us contend with and often obsess about. Any scars or blemishes on our face cause us an endless amount of grief and worry and we’re more likely than not to do everything possible to get rid of them. Hyperpigmentation or Melasma is a form of discoloration or pigmentation of skin which may make the skin look dark or mottled. This is caused by the excessive production of melanin by melanocytes in the skin, causing uneven complexion and blotchy skin.

Causes of dark pigmentation on the face:-

The known triggers of hyperpigmentation of the skin are usually environmental, physiological, or topical. Environmental causes include sun exposure and ultra-violet radiation damage. Continuos exposure to sunlight can cause the melanocytes to start multiplying and cause uneven skin darkness as some melanocytes are more active as compared to others. Such uneven patches of hyperpigmentation are known as lentigenes or freckles. The reason behind sun exposure causing hyperpigmentation is inflammation. Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause sunburn however it may not always mean that it has also caused inflammation.

Certain hormone medications such as contraceptive, intrauterine devices, and hormone replacement therapy users may experience hyperpigmentation of the skin. Patients with hypothyroidism may also suffer from pigmentation of the skin resulting from low levels of circulating thyroid hormone. Lastly, the use of cosmetic products like deodorants, lotions and certain skin creams may lead to localized skin pigmentation.

Best treatment for hyperpigmentation:-

In certain cases, the pigmented patches gradually fade on their own, for example in case of dark pigmentation on face caused by pregnancy. But it is a very long and time taking process which may take years. One very important thing to remember is that even with the best treatment for hyperpigmentation, the results will show up gradually.

Face skin pigmentation treatment involves the lightening of the pigmented areas of skin by exfoliating and renewing the pigmented skin. Apart from this, face skin pigmentation treatment may target the production of melanin by melanocytes and slow down its deposition in the skin. Lastly, treatment may involve ablative removal of the external layers of the pigmented skin to be replaced by fresh, young, and non-pigmented skin from underneath.

In order to learn how to treat hyperpigmentation, you should visit a well-known dermatologist who can diagnose your condition, pinpoint the underlying cause of the pigmentation, and accordingly prescribe the best treatment for hyperpigmentation. Face skin pigmentation treatment can be done by the following methods:-

Topical medications – One of the ways of treating hyperpigmentation is the use of topical treatments containing alpha-hydroxy acids and retinoids which can exfoliate and replenish the skin.

Ablative procedures – Undergoing an ablative skin treatment like dermabrasion or a chemical peel can result in the removal of the pigmented layer of the skin revealing clear and fresh skin from underneath.

Over-the-counter treatments and home-remedies – a wide variety of herbal and cosmetic skin lightening creams can be availed over the counter and may help in correcting a mild discoloration or pigmentation of the skin.

Laser Treatment for hyperpigmentation: – the laser treatment session for the best treatment for hyperpigmentation in India can be of 30 – 40 minutes. Though the laser treatment is relatively painless the patient may feel discomfort and mild tingling sensation at the site of the treatment. After the treatment the treated skin may look swollen and red but generally it returns to its normal state within 24 hours. The patients undergoing the treatment for hyperpigmentation in India are advised to stay indoors due to harsh sun. If the patient has to step outdoors and then he/ she should wear a sunscreen of SPF 40 or higher. The site should be left untouched and no make-up should also be applied on it. The Laser treatment will be required in several sessions to get the desired result.

The Laser treatment also runs some risks if not done by a certified cosmetologist. The eyes should be well protected during the laser treatment otherwise permanent damage may be caused to the eyes. Also, the treatment for hyperpigmentation should be done by a reputed cosmetologist otherwise it may cause burning of the skin and even formation of blisters.

Dr. Rinky Kapoor is one of the most famous dermatologists in Mumbai and has treated several film stars and celebrities. If you want to find expert answers on how to treat hyperpigmentation, you can seek a consultation with her and receive the best standard of care possible.

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